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Slate Tile Flooring-Durable long lasting stone tile flooring for your home

Slate Tile Flooring is often preferred over ceramic and porcelain tiled surfaces. Besides being quite rugged and suitable for heavy usage without concern, it can be used even under damp and wet conditions. If you’ve ever tried walking on wet ceramic or porcelain tiles, you’ll know just how dangerous those slippery tiles can be. With Slate tile flooring, you won’t have to worry about it at all.

Slate Tile Flooring Provides a Unique Natural Look with a Random Pattern Design

Besides its ruggedness, some people prefer the natural random and unique look of Slate tile flooring over the repetitive man-made patterns of ceramic tiles. Even though we’re talking about natural unrepeatable patterns, you will still be able to choose the size and shape of your tiles, as well as of the Slate tile flooring style you prefer. In the end, you can rest assured your floor will have a uniform look, although with slightly random variations.

Laying down a slate tile floor isn’t any harder than installing any other tiled floor. Having the tiles, underlayment (if required) and thin set as well as the rest of tools you probably already have in your toolbox, such as an hammer, a trowel, sponge and bucket, spacers – and the always important measuring tape – is all you need to start laying it down on the floor.

Slate Tile Flooring Will Give You Years of Low Maintenance Wear and Tear

 It won’t take long for you to stand and admire the work you’ve just done. With the proper care and maintenance, your "Slate tile flooring" will be able to withstand dozens of years of use and abuse.

Quarry Tile Flooring-Durable, Affordable rustic flooring for any home
Quarry Tile Flooring can easily be used to enhance your house look. Made from natural clay, its earth color tones can help warm up any room or patio in your house. Quarry tile flooring durability and price make it a prime candidate for such applications. There are many different tile types of Quarry tile flooring out there: Ceramic, porcelain, terracota, terrazzo, agglomerate.

Mexican Tile Flooring-Handmade traditional terracota style flooring solution
For the best looking hand-made tiles, there’s nothing like Mexican Tile Flooring. Terracota tiles can improve your house look in more ways than you can imagine. High quality Mexican terracota tiles are still handmade and are available in a large number of shapes, textures, sizes and colors. For easier and speedier installation, you may order pre-finished Mexican tile flooring.

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