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Marble Tile Flooring-The natural beauty of marble flooring in your home

The great reputation of marble has been around for thousands of years. One of the things for which marble is known for is its role in creating fine art. It is also known for its versatility. Because of these factors many people are selecting marble tile flooring. Marble Flooring creates the most elegant statement in any flooring, and there is certainly no shortage in the wide varieties of colors and designs. Marble tile flooring and stone-materials can last a lifetime in any home when it has been installed correctly.

 Marble Tile Flooring Provides a Natural and Decorative Artistic Look to Your Floor

Using marble tile flooring is one of the best ways to create an artistic look to your floor, making it appear natural and decorative. Marble is known as being the best choice of art in architecture due to its certain features that make it a highly unique material. Certain marble tiles are in actual fact processed to create a look called ‘tumbled marble’. This gives the tile flooring design an antique and well-worn finish, which is available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and designs. One thing that makes tile flooring designs unique is the vein-like virulets, which are never the same on two marble tiles. Every design differs from tile to tile.

Tile flooring designs are available in either a glazed or unglazed finish. The surface of glazed tiles have an extremely hard and smooth surface that rejects water and stains. The glaze, which is applied between the first and the second glaze, gives the tile its color and texture. Glazed tiles are available in every color of the rainbow and are available in high gloss, satin, matte or dull, smooth or textured.

Unglazed and Glazed Marble Tile Flooring (There Are Benefits for Either Style)

Unglazed marble tile flooring does not include a finish on the surface. Therefore, they are usually the color of the fired clay or an added pigment. Unglazed tiles do not scratch as easily as glazed tiles, however, due to them not having a hard surface, they are more liable to stain.

Grout is used to fill in the joints between the tiles. The type of grout that is commonly used is a very fine, thin mortar, which is at times colored by epoxy-base grouts. Another great advantage to having marble tile flooring is that they are hypoallergenic. This is why marble flooring was greatly used in hospitals in past years, before porcelain tiles became available and proceeded to be the more popular choice.

Stone Tile Flooring Is a Healthy Flooring Choice for Allergies and Pathogens

Because of the wide variety of tile flooring design, they can keep floors not only looking beautiful and unique, but also clean and free from allergies and pathogens. Microscopic germs find it extremely difficult to survive on the surface of marble tiles, which is why it is very easy to clean. All that you need for the purposes of cleaning is a clean cloth and solution, and your marble will become as fresh looking as if it were new. A cool walking surface is also provided when possessing marble tile flooring. This is especially useful for those people living in climates that are hot and humid, as marble tiles retain the cold temperature of its surroundings.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you are considering replacing the flooring in your home, then why not try marble tile flooring. You can select tiles that are rough or smooth, plain or patterned, and even those tile flooring designs that are hand painted. Whatever style of tile flooring you select, you are sure to be happy with it for years to come. We want to help you with information and resources to find the best flooring system for your home.

Tile Flooring in the Living Room-The ultimate tile flooring style for your home
Tile flooring in the living room is common practice in many countries around the world. If you’re after an affordable and durable flooring solution for your living room, you will find that going with tile is a great choice. Once you’ve finally found your living room tile style, setting up the surface and laying down the tiles can be done very quickly.

Mexican Tile Flooring-Handmade traditional terracota style flooring solution
For the best looking hand-made tiles, there’s nothing like Mexican Tile Flooring. Terracota tiles can improve your house look in more ways than you can imagine. High quality Mexican terracota tiles are still handmade and are available in a large number of shapes, textures, sizes and colors. For easier and speedier installation, you may order pre-finished Mexican tile flooring.

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