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Cork Tile Flooring-The natural way to replace flooring in your home

Cork Tile Flooring has an abundance of benefits. Apart from it looking great on the floor, there is an extraordinary list of features that a majority of people are not aware of when shopping for cork tile flooring. Listed below are some informational facts that make cork tile flooring a fantastic choice when considering replacing your floor in your home or office.

 Benefits of Cork Tile Flooring for Your Home

  • Appearance: It is common knowledge, and something, which cannot be denied, that interlocking tile flooring gives off a great appearance. Tile flooring is sometimes referred to as interlocking tile flooring. It is available in an array of colors and patterns, in order to suit any taste, style and décor.
  • Durability: Cork has been around for centuries. Chicago has a church that had a cork floor in 1980 and still remains in use today. The Library of Congress has cork flooring installed. Cork is extremely robust and hardwearing because of its cellular composition. Impact and friction affect it in a much lesser way than other flooring such as wood, hard surface flooring; laminate and tile would be affected.
  • It is Completely Sealed: Suberin is contained in cork flooring. Suberin is a waxy substance that makes the cork resistant to liquids and gasses. Because of this, it will not rot, and has one of the best seals available. You only need to think about the fact that cork has been used to seal wine bottles for hundreds of years, which will give you an idea of just how fantastic it is.
  • Acoustic, Resilient and Insulating: Interlocking tile flooring is very often installed under many other types of flooring such as ceramic tile, laminate and hardwood, to act as a sound barrier when floors are installed on a second floor or higher. It has a great aptitude to bounce back, for example, when walking on interlocking tile flooring with high heel shoes, the cells are packed together. It is when the pressure is released that the cork snaps back to its original shape very quickly.
  • Insect Resistant and Antimicrobial: Cork floor is something, which most common insects including termites will not go anywhere near. Cork acts as a natural barrier against insects, which is a huge benefit. It is not possible for microbe colonies to survive in or on a cork floor, therefore it can easily be said that a cork flooring would be germ free.
  • Hypoallergenic: Cork tile flooring it completely natural. It does not produce any irritants, nor does it include any harmful chemicals.
  • Value for Money: Cork tile flooring is great value in comparison to other flooring such as ceramic tiles, hardwood flooring, marble etc. Cork flooring can be as little as half the price of other forms of flooring, depending on the style, pattern and color that you require.

Always Start with a Level and Well Secured Subfloor for Installing Cork Tile Flooring

Interlocking tile flooring cannot be placed directly on top of plank flooring, vinyl, or linoleum. They must be glued to a flat, smooth surface. It is always advised to screw a plywood underlayment at least ¼ inch thick over the flooring that is already in existence before you lay your tile flooring.

Therefore, in conclusion, cork tile flooring is an excellent all round flooring choice to opt for in your home or office. We want to help you with information and resources so that you can find the right tile flooring for your needs.

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