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Vinyl Tile Flooring-Cost efficient durable flooring for your home

Many people are turning to Vinyl Tile Flooring, and for good reason. Vinyl composition tiles are reasonably priced, virtually indestructible, and much easier than most other flooring materials to install. There are a few simple techniques to follow when dealing with vinyl floor tiling. However once these techniques have been established, an infinite variety of special patterns can be created.

Many vinyl floor tiles come with a self-adhesive on the back, which simply needs to be peeled off and the tile put in place. And for those vinyl floor tiles that do not have a self-adhesive backing, require an adhesive to be spread onto the floor with a notched trowel before placing down the tiles.

How to Measure and Calculate How Many Vinyl Tile Flooring Squares You Will Need

Calculating the number of floor tiles that are needed can be a difficult task for some people. However, it is really quite simple. When purchasing 12 inch tiles, the calculation is simple. Simply take the measurements of the length and width of your room that you wish to place vinyl tile flooring on and multiply it. Add 5% extra for the purposes of cutting and waste.

When using 9 inch vinyl floor tiles you need to divide the length of the room, in inches, by 9, and then the width of the room, in inches, by 9. Then multiply those two numbers together to calculate the number of tiles that you require. Again add 5% extra.

 Vinyl Tile Flooring Is Highly Resistant to Spills and Stains

It is important to measure all major obstructions on the floor, such as cabinets and appliances separately and then subtract this from the total. Discount vinyl tile flooring is very popular as it is resistant to a majority of stains and spills, as well as being scratch resistant and amazingly easy to clean and maintain.

Before beginning to lay vinyl tile flooring, it is important that you ensure that the subfloor and any underlayment layers are structurally sound. These tiles can be placed directly on top of old linoleum. However, it is essential to ensure that the surface of the old floor is clean, smooth and completely free of grease and wax. One piece of information, which is vitally important, is to ensure that you never sand old floor tiles or other types of resilient flooring, backing or lining felt. This is because they may contain asbestos, which can cause serious injury.

 Vinyl Tile Flooring Is One of the Easiest Floor Systems to Keep Clean

One of the great benefits to owning discount vinyl tile flooring is that it is simple to keep clean. Vinyl tile flooring does not have an absorbent surface, so dirt and grime cannot settle into it. In order to extend the life of your discount vinyl tile flooring, a few simple steps need to be followed:

Vinyl tile flooring maintenance and cleaning

  • Regularly Sweep the Floor: Do not use the vacuum cleaner as the suction on the surface of the vinyl flooring could lift it. Stick to an old fashioned broom.
  • Mop Vinyl Tile Flooring Monthly: Moping of the floor should be undertaken at least on a monthly basis. If your household has a great deal of traffic traveling through the room with the vinyl tile flooring, then it would be recommended to mop the floor on a weekly basis.
  • Scarcely Scrub the Tile Floor: If you feel that you need to scrub the floor, then it should be done using a low abrasive. Scrubbing the surface will scratch the floor, which will only lead to more scrubbing. Scrubbing will be unnecessary if you regularly sweep and mop your vinyl tile flooring.

Vinyl May Be the Best Tile Flooring for Your Home (Low Maintenance High Durability)

Therefore, in conclusion, best tile flooring is highly versatile, easy to clean and maintain, soft underfoot, durable and easy to install. We want to help you with information and resources so that you can find the best tile flooring for your home.

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